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Snow Stops

Whether you call them snow stops, snow brakes, snow cleats or snow dogs their purpose is to prevent snow from sliding down your roof and hurting pedestrians or damaging property including your gutters. They can be used alone or in conjunction with snow fencing. We carry a selection of artistic and imaginative shapes, and we can also make your own custom designed snow stop with the help of your drawings and our in-house designers. 
The quantity and placement of snow stops varies from region to region and will be influenced by roof pitch, as well as the length of runs and the orientation of the home. Recommendations can be found in Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor's National Association Architectural Sheet Metal Manual or by your local metal roof installer. The optimum layout will aim to retain snow in place instead of trying to stop it at the eaves after it has worked its way down the roof. It is not recommended to only put snow stops over doorways or pedestrian walkways.

Please call or email Recla Metals for pricing and availability.

Snow Fence

This is a “fence” style snow control system that is designed for heavier snow loads and over areas that need extra protection such as doorways and pedestrian areas. The brackets are usually installed at 2’-4’ intervals and are screwed into the trusses below because of the weight loads they will be carrying. They are used in conjunction with 1-3/4” OD Tubing or these can be made to fit steel pipe you can find locally. We can also custom make snow brackets to fit under shake roofs or in different designs.

Please call or email Recla Metals for pricing and availability.

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