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Bare Skin

Bare Skin Sustainable Panels are based on the look of turn-of-the-century mining towns in the west. The mature patina is a rich, organic look that blends beautifully with natural surroundings. In urban settings they bring a sense of nature to more modern designs. These panels are brand new, heavy gauge steel, but will rust once installed. We have rolling, corrugated panels that offer a traditional look to new buildings or historic restorations. We also carry other modern profiles that work with new construction styles and designs.

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Second Skin

Second Skin Sustainable Panels are high quality, heavy gauge painted metal roof panels. Recla Metals is one of the first manufacturers to offer a 24ga painted metal roof in a traditional rolling corrugation. We offer three profiles to choose from with a large selection of organic colors that will work from a hide-away-home in the mountains to highly populated urban areas.

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Vintage Skin

Vintage Skin Sustainable Panels are a shortcut to weathered galvanized metal and offer a realistic alternative to expensive zinc panels. They are a soft, matte-grey color with gun-metal blue undertones and don’t have the shiny glare that new galvanized has. These panels are offered in 3 different rolling corrugations and can be a bold choice for those who want a vintage look without the rust.

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